Common problems of mobile phone signal amplifier

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Introduction to cell phone signal amplifier
From its name, the signal amplifier we know that its function is to amplify the signal. There are many types of signal amplifiers, such as TV signal amplifiers, radio amplifiers, etc., all
There are signal amplifiers in the receiver. The amplifier that specializes in amplifying cell phone signals is called cell phone signal amplifier. Why do you need a cell phone signal amplifier? The main reason is
The next four points:
First, with the rapid development of my country’s mobile communications industry, the number of mobile communications users has also continued to increase. The cellular plan has become smaller and smaller, the location of base stations has become lower and lower, and the signal coverage
Cover range is getting smaller and smaller;
Second, with the development of urban construction, high-rise buildings continue to emerge. Based on the shadow effect of wireless transmission, mobile communication will be formed behind or in the middle of these high-rise buildings.
Signal blind zone of the letter;
Third, during the construction of cellular mobile communication base stations, to avoid interference from neighboring cells, the main lobe of the antenna radiation field pattern has a large downtilt angle, and even high-rise buildings.
Generally, the upper part of the building cannot receive signals effectively;
Fourth: Due to the shielding effect of buildings on electromagnetic waves, tunnels, subways, underground shopping malls, entertainment cities, parking lots, hotels, office buildings and other closed large
Mobile communication signals cannot be received normally in buildings.
The mobile phone signal amplifier is produced to solve the above four problems. As long as a set of mobile phone signal amplifier system is installed in a specific place, the entire range of mobile phones
The signals can be used well, which brings great convenience to the staff or guests inside. Mobile phone signal amplifier can effectively solve the inside of tall buildings and basements
Some shopping malls, restaurants, karaoke saunas and massages, underground air defense projects, subway stations and many other places have poor signal problems. Two: mobile phone signal amplifier
Basic knowledge of Daqi
When it comes to cell phone signal amplifiers, everyone knows that its function is to amplify cell phone signals, but they don’t understand other things. For example, our mobile phone signal is not good, right?
Can we all install cell phone signal amplifiers? The answer is obviously no. Below we introduce the basic common sense of mobile phone signal amplifier.

The mobile phone signal amplifier emits radio waves, causing interference to the base station. Generally, the interference from a good-quality host within 100mW is almost negligible. Larger power and short distance
The greater the interference.
Any communication equipment has a certain amount of radiation. If high-power equipment, such as 5W (37dBm) or above, the host may also have greater radiation. General mobile phone signal booster
The output power is within 200mW (23dBm). After reaching the antenna, it is generally within 5mW (7dBm). The indoor signal after installing the mobile phone signal booster after other losses
The signal is generally around -50dBm to -75dBm. Good outdoor signals are generally around -40dBm to -75dBm. When the mobile phone is talking, the signal of the GSM mobile phone is weak
For calls in the environment, the radiated power can reach 1W (30dBm) at worst. The radiated power of the mobile phone call after the amplifier signal becomes good is about 10mW (10dBm)
. It can also be said that after installing the amplifier in a poor signal environment, the mobile phone reduces radiation when talking.

Post time: Apr-01-2021