Portable recording blocker to prevent recording by voice recorder!

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Recording jammer is an anti-eavesdropping device that prevents criminals from carrying voice recorders secretly or using mobile phones to record. The recording jammer suppresses the operation of the recording equipment by using ultrasonic interference signals. If you are troubled by the convenience of recording, you can use the jammer of the recorder to protect yourself from being overheard and secretly recorded by many types of recording equipment. You can use the recording jammer as a desktop device in the office, or place it in any place where you need to shield recordings. The recording jammer is suitable for confidential meeting rooms, public security bureau petition centers, procuratorate reception halls, courts, courtrooms, negotiation rooms, offices, etc. Any place for private conversations.

When you are in a meeting when the content of the meeting is inconvenient to leak, you can use the recording jammer to help you fix all the equipment you want to record. You need to turn on the switch button, and the recording jammer will emit noise with ultrasonic interference. Use our own initiative With the developed ultrasonic noise algorithm, the microphones in digital devices such as mobile phones and voice recorders will be affected by recording jammers, which will obliterate the sound of normal conversation in random noise, and the post-recording processing algorithm is also difficult to restore, so from the source It protects the content of the conversation from being leaked.

The recording jammer has a good anti-recording effect, and the interference range is very large. It can interfere with many devices. The mobile phone, voice recorder and other recording equipment on the market. The self-developed FPGA-based ultrasonic noise algorithm can effectively interfere with the mobile phone, voice recorder and other digital devices. The equipment, anti-recording effect is at the world advanced level. The protection range of the recording jammer is similar to a cone-shaped space, the interference range is about 15 square meters, and the interference distance to most mobile phones and other digital products is more than 2 meters, which can form a safe space. In this space, there is no need to worry about being affected by others. recording.

In the actual test, we tested mobile phones of various brands such as iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi VIVO, Meizu, etc., and the interference effect was good. We also tested voice recorders such as Sony, Samsung, Newman, Lenovo, Olympus, etc., and they were all very good. If you need a jammer to protect your voice, you can test it on the spot. The sound waves emitted by the recording jammer can only be received by digital products such as mobile phones and voice recorders, but cannot be heard by humans. Other anti-recorders have no humming noise, and can quietly guard the conversation environment and not be easily noticed.

Post time: Mar-19-2021